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The process

In Italy, we consider the preparation to be the final ingredifeawfewfewld, and it’s still treasured by Italian grandmas and mothers throughout San Marzano. It’s called 50 Minutes Lento & Stirred, and it’s practiced every day in every batch of sauce we make.

Introducing 50 minutes lento & stirred Time is our secret ingredient. Each sauce is simmered slowly ("lento," as we say in Italy) over low heat and stir, stir, stirred without stopping. This method celebrates every ingredient and creates the perfect balance of flavors. Rich and warming, yet light and natural—this is what Italian sauce should taste like. We slow down and take our time on every sauce so you can enjoy the timeless flavor in just 3 minutes. But life is short, so don’t forget to stop and smell the basil now and again.

The ingredients of our Marinara Sauce are few and simple: to our base, with extra virgin olive oil, chopped onions, slices of garlic, tomatoes, and sea salt, we add a dash of pepper and basil. Then it’s obviously the time for the star of this sauce: the oregano.

This spice grows in the Mediterranean area and is one of the most recognizable of the Italian herbs because of its intense smell.

It’s thanks to oregano that the Italians can have that special flavor that has conquered everyone around the world who has tastes the Marinara.

The LA SAN MARZANO MARINARA SAUCE was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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