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Why was this product created ?

To recreate the Joe Beef experience at home. The Joe Beef restaurant is considered one of the best in Canada (81st best in the world1 and 3rd in Canada2).

1The world’s 50 best restaurants 2015 (51-100 winners list)

2Canada’s 100 best 2017

Distinctive features

Lightly sweet and citrusy, it strikes a perfect balance between spice and acidity and is just hot enough to give your recipes a lively kick without masking the flavour of food.

Production method

Some precautions are required during preparation, such as wearing a gas mask as protection against the pepper fumes! All Joe Beef sauces are produced by hand, in small batches, following the restaurant’s recipe as if they were prepared there. No sauce passes through the warehouse doors without having received Dave and Fred’s seal of approval.


Joe Beef sauces are produced locally in the greater Montreal area.

The artisans behind the product

David McMillan and Fred Morin are long-time friends who, 10 years ago, at a turning point in their careers, decided to do things differently. Having acquired a strong reputation at the Globe restaurant, the two chefs wanted to create a casual space where gourmets would enjoy the best seafood, meats and wines. In short, an unpretentious restaurant that would satisfy the most refined palates.      


Joe Beef hot sauce is the perfect zesty complement to oysters. Spicy but not too hot, it also makes an ideal companion for a variety of other dishes such as meats, tacos, salads and seafood.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the HOT SAUCE JOE BEEF.

Inventory Last Updated: May 23, 2022
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